CSB pay attention to training of employees for the benefit of services provided to government sector


CSB pay attention to training of employees for the benefit of services provided to government sector


A training program in cooperation with the National Charter Monument .. Director General of policies and wages:

CSB pay attention to training of employees for the benefit of services provided to government sector


Juffair - Civil Service Bureau


The Civil Service Bureau(CSB) and in cooperation with National Charter Monument(NCM) organized a three-day training program for its employees in the monument's building in Sakhir entitled "work together for the government performance excellence", in an effort to achieve the Bureau's philosophy, improving and empowering the employee to be competent for the Civil Service and able to achieve its objectives and implement the State's strategic visions and directions, and to create a competent nationals able to achieve the government's performance and to strengthen the sense of belonging and promote a culture of research and development, innovation and the consolidation of values, the training program which organized by the available internal resources in Bureau as directed by the esteemed government in the rationalization of expenditure in the public sector, as well as it aims to pay attention to the human element and to train national manpower for the benefit of the services provided by Bureau to Civil Service sector in the Kingdom.


HE the director general of policies and wages at CSB Mr. Adel Hajji Ibrahim Mohammed confirmed that the program "Work Together for the Government Performance Excellence" which was attended by more than 70 employees from the Bureau aims to deepen the sense of responsibility, motivate employees to excellence performance, innovation of new ideas, development of methods and approaches to complete work, sensation team is spirit secret of the success of institutions, ability to consolidate this culture as well as splitting it, and practicing the culture by all members of the organization make the organization effective in achieving its objectives, also, this program seeks to provide participants with the skills of teamwork and institutional affiliation, initiative and creativity according to scientific methodology and practical applications of the reality of management practices, and it is a cooperative style of performance and achievement depends on the joint capabilities and talents of CSB employees in order to improve productivity.


HE the Director General of Policy and wages explained, the program came to meet the needs of the employees, that came from the result of a questionnaire sent to all CSB employees, and that most significant is the relationships link between employees and increase communication,  he also pointed that the program focused core values like team work, organizational belonging and creativity, the program is designed to be an inception prelude for employees in applying the values that came in CSB strategy.


Meanwhile, HE the Director General of the NCM Dr. Khawla Al Mohannadi said, this distinguished training program emphasizes on the Bahraini values that the monument celebrates starting with the clear vision to a homeland that embraces all its citizens with all their pride of belonging to a nation, that built the most prestigious civilizations, and have made achievements by its sons and their insistence on providing the best of themselves, with the value of openness, which enabled them to learn from others and the development of their capabilities and the value of respect for others, which made Bahrain a strong homeland derives its strength from its diversity and the ability to celebrate all that is valuable and precious. The  value of the integrity, which makes of all us keen to do our duties from the premise that Bahrain is the legacy of grandparents to grandchildren, we drive this the integrity, borne by the people of Bahrain with devotion, that's made Bahrain's national track record of achievements in various fields and areas in accordance to the wise vision of the reform project of the country's leader.


HE the Director General of NCM stressed her welcoming on conducting such national programs to enable Bahraini human developing his skills and abilities in line with his humanitarian ambition and advancement, that helps him to carry humanitarian and national responsibilities in a butter way that elevate the homeland and enhance its ability to support its children and to achieve a decent life and well-being for them.