Values and Strategy

  The Values


- Credibility, honesty and Integrity in carrying out business and in providing information.

- Knowledge and professionalism in performing work skillfully and professionally.

- Mastery in performing work with required speed and accuracy.

- Firmness and discipline in the application of the  civil service laws and regulations .

- Justice and equality in dealing with others and equal opportunities for all .

- Sense of belonging to the organization by deepening the sense of responsibility and motivating and recognizing employees for excellent performance .

- Transparency in providing required information and data.

- Collective work with a team spirit.

- Initiative and creativity in innovating new ideas and developing methods and techniques of accomplishing work .


 Strategic Objectives


competent qualified nationals              Government Performance excellence


 Through the implementation of the following mechanisms:

- Improving institutional and individual performance

- Strengthening the sense of belonging and promoting the culture Of research and development.

- Attracting and maintaining national expertise and cadres.

- Achieving discipline, internal control and accountability.

- Effective networking with the government entities, the public opinion and the media .