About CSB

Civil Service Bureau (CSB) was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain in back 1975 as an independent government entity under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Affairs with the sole mission of supervising Human resource in all government entities, and seeks to develop the level of the civil service by raising production efficiency and achieve justice.

Government entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain are governed by the policies and procedures set by the CSB, ensuring that all entities follow the overall civil service policy,the bureau supervises the affairs of all civilian employees under the provisions of the Civil Service Law in all government entities, the Bureau studies all related draft laws, proposed regulations, policies and procedures related to civil service affairs, ensuring that the necessary recommendations are suggested prior to any approval or change.

On the other hand, CSB is responsible for proposing policies, strategies and objectives related to Civil service development, accomplished through a detailed management audit system on the government entities. , at the same time the Bureau proposes general policy on salaries and employment benefits to ensure consistency among government entities, through the development on their regulation, and conduct research and propose amendments thereon

Furthermore, the bureau studies the creation of directorate and senior positions before the issuance of the legal tools; the Bureau also approves the creation of other positions, at the same time the bureau core objective is to re-engineer operations and interdepartmental relations and services among all government entities, considering the essential services for each government entity that doesn't violate the terms of reference laid down by law for each entity, also the Bureau reviews and approves all contracts between government entities and the private sector inside and outside the kingdom in terms of recruitment.

Also, the CSB shapes and develops the data management and information technology system used for human resource. In some circumstances, consulting firms are used to further develop the civil service policy.

Furthermore, the Bureau organizes vacancy advertisement process for vacant positions, and in coordination with government entities the Bureau conduct and supervise examinations and interviews, and also ensure a proper observance between the outputs of education, training and employment opportunities in government entities